Best Places to Visit in Estonia

Best Places to Visit in Estonia

Estonia is cheap for guests and doesn’t boost your debts. The Baltic Republic is deckled by Russia, the sea, the Gulf of Suomi, and Latvia, creating it accessible from several places.

Matsalu park

It is one every of Europe’s best national parks for bird looking. Matsalu is wide fair-haired by hikers (it offers hiking trails for skilled and beginner hikers), holidaymakers, and nature lovers.

Lahemaa park

This park is simply an Associate in Nursing hour’s drive from the capital and makes for a perfect tour. The Viru lavatory or Viru Raba, a desirable factor is that the trees gesture from the miry ground.

Kihnu Island

Kihnu’s culture has been enclosed within the UN agency’s cultural heritage list. A part of that heritage involves fishing, which is that the main occupation for many of the islanders. It’s a perfect place to travel if you would like a weekend break in Estonia!


Tallinn is that the place that almost all folks can visit once they arrive in the Baltic Republic. If you hike up to the castle within the higher part of town, referred to as Toompea, you will be rewarded with fantastic views of the town and beyond!


Tartu town is home to the foremost prestigious university within the country and incorporates a giant student population as a result. It is often a vigorous place in the hours of darkness, with lots of bars and clubs to wander into must you want an evening out.

Narva Castle

This lovely defense dates back to the thirteenth century and was designed throughout the Danish occupation of the Baltic Republic. The castle has been fantastically rehabilitated and is hospitable to guests. It’s home to the oldest fortified settlement within the country, geological dating back to around one thousand B.C.. town is called when the stream it lies on and has invariably been a vital mercantile establishment.


Viljandi has 2600 years of recent wealthy history. The historic design still remains for the planet to check. The annual popular music genre festivals and concerts square measure control here. It makes for the most important music competition altogether in the Baltic Republic.