Best Places to Visit in Latvia

Best Places to Visit in Latvia

Latvia is full of loads of exciting natural beauty, beginning with long beaches to the dense forest that may be the proper escape for you.


Riga is definitely one of every of the good urban treasures of the region as an entire. The known reconstructed House of the Blackheads stands positively elegant once the tumult of Soviet domination over town.


Old World charm oozes from each crooked house and paving stone lane of Kuldiga, arched brick bridges and therefore the elegant Baroque end of the St Catherine’s Church belie the town’s boom time throughout the years of the Courland land.


It has 800 years of history and tales of Swedish, Russian, Slavic, and Polish invaders alike an image of ancient Latvian planning, Cesis has preserved all its medieval glory.


Liepaja is actually a town divided. One-half town is that the ancient center. The design of the city changes betting on wherever you’re within the town. Vecliepaja and Dienvidrietumi square measure the 2 most well-liked beaches.


Jurmala is understood for its charming wood design. It’s the biggest resort on the Baltic and therefore the stretch of sandy lineation is one in every of the longest in a geographical area. The resort was once an area wherever Russians would recuperate, therefore their square measure still riding medical care centers and ancient Russian sanatoriums dotting the coast.


Ventspils is good for people who get pleasure from long strolls on the ocean. one in every of the simplest walks is from the South Pier to a rather lonely inexperienced and white tower, with expansive Baltic Sea vistas on the way. It absolutely was the leading port of the land of Courland and Semigallia further as a Soviet military base.

Gauja park

Gauja park is that the most important park in the Baltic Republic. Gauja park conjointly homes several unimaginable cultural and historical sites, like museums, recent churches, and castles. The foremost known depository during this park is that the Turaida depository Reserve.


It’s easy to ascertain why the Latvian locals have such a big amount of legends regarding Sigulda. It blooms with cherry trees and a pretty majestic design and offers an opportunity for sport and Nordic walking within the winter.