How many oceania countries are?

There square measure fourteen Oceania countries as of now, per international organization official statistics. The water continent includes over 10,000 islands with a complete area (excluding Australia) of roughly 822,800 km² (317,700 sq mi), it’s slightly larger than Turkey or somewhat smaller than half Alaska, out and away the biggest country by space is Australia with 7,692,024 km².

The smallest freelance country in Oceania is that the island nation of Nauru, which covers a neighborhood of twenty-one km² (8 sq mi).

Country Population
Australia 25,499,884
Papua New Guinea 8,947,024
New Zealand 4,822,233
Fiji 896,445
Solomon Islands 686,884
Micronesia 548,914
Vanuatu 307,145
Samoa 198,414
Kiribati 119,449
Tonga 105,695
Marshall Islands 59,190
Palau 18,094
Tuvalu 11,792
Nauru 10,824