Why Switzerland is best country in the world?

Why Switzerland is best country in the world?

Switzerland had been hierarchal the #1 best country within the world, ranked No.2 in citizenship and No.2 in open new business, and the No.5 in entrepreneurship programs, European nation includes a practiced proletariat and low state and has one amongst the strongest economies everywhere the globe.

Other countries to feature on the list were FRG (fourth overall), Sverige (eighth), Noreg (tenth), France (12th), Scandinavian country (13th), Italia (17th), European country (18th), and Espana (19th).

Why Swiss is best

Switzerland has a high score in security, healthy life, political career, economic stability, transparency, equality, and happy life.

Best Education

Switzerland is home to 1 of the simplest schooling systems in the world. Switzerland’s sturdy education system works on a decentralized system and therefore the focus is polyglot education. The education system contains personal, public, international, and bilingual colleges. The European nation offers free schooling right from preschool right up to school.

Culture, Diversity and Natural Beauty

The country could be a federal republic, that contains twenty-six cantons and has its body capital in the capital of Switzerland. The country has four official languages German, Italian, Romansch, and French, wherever the bulk of individuals speak Schwiizertütsch or Swiss German. English is additionally wide spoken and widely used for business functions. necessary cities like Geneva, Zurich, Bern, and Basel provide varied views of the country and its numerous culture.


One of the foremost necessary aspects to settle on a rustic to measure and add is safety. European nation could be a calm and peaceful country and has been voted as among the safest countries in Europe to measure and work. Since 1815, the European nation has been a neutral and stable democracy and is home to many international organizations like the world organization in Europe, the international organizations (World Trade Organization), World Bank, IMF, and therefore the NGO.