Why Turkey is Famous?

Why Turkey is Famous?

Turkey is famous for 600 years old history has ruled 3 continents. It has traditional Turkish tea, the majestic Hagia Sophia, Hot Turkish Women, when you watch Turkish TV Series you feel like that you are watching Hollywood action movies, unique carpets design, bazaars (markets for shopping), sweet treats like Turkish delights, and pastry.

Turkey is sixty-one percent cheaper than the United Kingdom.


Most tourists visit Turkey for Constantinople. It is, after all, the house of world-renowned structures, rather like the Hagia Sophia, and looking out hotspots, rather like the Grand Bazaar. In fact, many of us sometimes mistake Constantinople as Turkey’s capital, attributable to its prominence but the capital of Turkey is that the capital of Turkey :D.

Turkey Tea/Coffee

The Turks have an associate awfully specific technique for his or her coffee: They exclusively use finely ground beans, boiling the mixture on a cezve (small pot) until it froths. Sugar, if most well-liked, is adscititious whereas boiling. Once the preparation is over, the occasional is poured into a türk kahve fincanı (a little utensil cup on the dimensions of associate espresso).

Pamukkale Cotton Castle

When you are talking about what is Turkey most notable for, you can’t miss the Pamukkale Cotton Castle, as it’s recognized joined of the foremost gorgeous natural places in Turkey and at intervals, the planet. They are thought of UN agency World Heritage which they’re natural bath Hotsprings product of carbonate minerals that are left by the flowing water.

Hagia Sophia

A musjid Paradise thought of joined of the world’s greatest structures, Hagia Sophia could also be a cultural gem. designed as a Christian church, Hagia Sophia eventually evolved into a musjid, thus a repository. Currently, the structure stands as a musjid again; but, tourists are still free to enter and explore it.


Unarguably, the geographical region could also be a storybook town with its cave homes and cobblestoned roads. But most favored of all is Cappadocia’s hot air balloons they float upon sunrise, presenting a wide scene of spirited and colorful craft against the spectacular orange sky.